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Clayton Auto Spa & Valvoline Expresscare
Clayton Auto Spa is a full service tunnel wash using Hanna Wash equipment made in the USA.
Cleveland Auto Spa is a full service tunnel wash using Motor City Wash Works equipment made in the USA.
Both locations use biodegradable wash chemicals in an effort to eliminate a negative impact on our environment. 
Both locations provide a variety of wash options from express wash (exterior only) to a manager’s special. 
On the Valvoline Express Care side we offer several levels of full service oil changes as well as added services such as wiper blades, air filters, fuel injector cleaners, etc.
We are an official NC Inspection station offering safety and emissions inspections for all counties in North Carolina.
For more information on the services we offer click the menu button on the home page or contact the location nearest you.
If you have questions or concerns about the NC Inspection process please contact the location nearest you or visit the NC DMV website at http://www.ncdot.gov/dmv/vehicle/registration/inspection/.